The first and only blood based home HIV test to be WHO Prequalified

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INSTI® HIV Self Test is now Prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO)

The first and only blood based HIV self-testing kit to receive this status, INSTI is now available to global public health funding sources and government organizations implementing HIV self-testing pilots and programs. INSTI HIV Self Test provides consistently high performance, ease of use and detects the earliest HIV antibodies… all in 60 seconds. WHO Prequalification reaffirms that the INSTI HIV Self Test meets stringent global standards of quality, safety and efficacy, as well as being suited to use in resource-limited settings.

Benefits and values

  • Convenient

    No pre-test restrictions such as eating or drinking,
    can be performed at any time

  • Easy to use

    A quick and easy blood test with three simple steps

  • Sensitive

    Can detect the earliest HIV antibodies which appear 21-22 days post-infection

  • Accurate

    Over 99% accurate

  • Instant

    Innovative flow-through technology that provides results instantly with a 1-minute process

  • Clear

    Simple dots for easy interpretation of results

  • Reliable

    Built-in control feature provides confidence that the test has been performed correctly

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Recent Clinical Studies

KEMRI Kenya Study
A real-world field study of INSTI HIV Self Test from Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
The study found that:
• The INSTI HIV Self Test performs extremely well in low- and middle-income country populations, and it was highly accepted by such intended users.
• Levels of accuracy and overall usability of the INSTI HIV Self Test approached 99% in this population.
• Blood-based self-testing with INSTI can be successfully applied in settings where it can play an important role in identifying individuals and their partners who may be living with HIV but are unaware of their infection.

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